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Month: July 2017

A Must Read For Vegeterians: The Moosewood Restaurant Favourites

About the Moosewood Favourites

Established in 1973 Moosewood Restaurant has been the home for some delicious, tempting, toothsome, and herbaceous dishes which its customers have always loved to have a heist of. Located in the city of Ithaca, this restaurant is one of the most appreciated and loved-one in New York and also well known throughout the United States. The main reason for a restaurant to be that famous and admired would always be because of its food, Moosewood Restaurant has been serving its customers with a wide range of delightful, luscious, and heavenly dishes, which has always fulfilled the never-ending hunger for some good quality food of the customers. The Moosewood Restaurant is using the popular commercial combi oven Sydney to keep all the nutrition and flavour of the vegetables, which is the priority for the vegetarian cooking restaurant, as it is known for its vegan menu.

When the restaurant is so successful then there comes an urge for making its top recipes at home, within its customers or followers. So, The Moosewood Collective did the job and came up with “The Moosewood Restaurant Favourites “a book which contains almost all its vegetarian line up of aperitive platters. This is not the only book that Moosewood Collective has produced till date inspire there are 12 more such books published by them. This book is one of the three most recent books made by them.

250 delicious favourite recipes

The Moosewood Favourites is stuffed with 250 top recipes of the restaurant. It was published in the year of 2013 by St. Martin’s Press. This was done in the celebration of the 40 years of successful efforts of the Moosewood Restaurant. The Moosewood Collective a group of 14 women and 5 men has included some of the most renowned and requested recipes in this writing. The cover page itself tells a lot about this book and its content. It makes one to rush to its cooking counter and start to prepare a mouth-watering appetite. Moosewood is a good example of living a better lifestyle with healthy vegan food and staying fit with local dance classes, gym, yoga or other physical activities.

Now the book is packed with the top recipes and categorized as below:

Appetizers, Dips and Spreads, Soups, Sandwiches, Burgers, Main Dish Salads, Frittatas and Peas, Casseroles, Stuffed Vegetables, Wraps, Rolls, Side Salads, Sides, Side Grain, Salad Dressings, Condiment and Salsas and Desserts.

The book tells a lot about the Restaurant and also its journey from past 40 years till today’s day where they are. The shares some of the small scenes or events that happened at their place, as this makes the reader or the possible customer more familiar or related to the restaurant. The book doesn’t have lot of images in it, as it is not for someone who admires other’s making, else it’s for individual should try such recipes and appreciate their creation.

Moosewood Restaurant Favourites gives a brief about each recipe and its contents, the ingredients and their quantity is precisely being mentioned. This is a good piece of writing that Moosewood Collective has made. Some ingredients have been briefly described which may sound new to some of the individuals using this book and wants to know about that specific ingredient.

Overall this book is a good bundle of all dishes by a well-known, renowned eatery, to provides its customers with the privilege to try some of their favourite dishes at their own place. It’s varieties of recipes can help you to make a good meal for your family, friends and even children, with the right cooking equipment Perth, like a well-trained chef.

Good Food, Good Life by Curtis Stone

Good Food, Good Life Book

The famous host of the show “My Kitchen Rules” has come up with 130 recipes that can bring the pleasure of cooking back into your life. People say the key to anybody’s heart is through their stomach and when you have good food, happiness just surrounds you. Curtis Stone believes cooking is a pleasurable passion that should never be justify behind. His book Good Food, Good Life is a depiction of life at large. He has taught people that cooking isn’t just a chore that you need to do but it is a journey of pleasure and fun filled activity that gives you a great joy of life every day. With his tremendous recipes, Curtis has given everybody a goal that must be achieved every day.

Good Food, Good Life includes mouth-watering, delicious, scrumptious photos of food that Curtis decorates before serving. He believes that when food isn’t decorated, it isn’t well deserved to be out there. His book has all the knowledge and things that need to be done while cooking. Reading this book will give you so many goals and you would want to turn cooking into a hobby. The recipes that are shared in the book are so easy to create and you would definitely want to apply all the recipes into the real world.

Curtis Stone is an international chef and in his book, he has mentioned his experiences of cooking and the time he spends in the kitchen. All of his recipes are best examples of doing things with love and only then you can achieve a great result. Good food really adds beauty to your life and makes a good life.

His book has recipes from light meals to fancy dishes that you can make for parties. There are in total 130 easy recipes that you can learn from his book. Reading Good Food Good Life you would get the feeling like you personally know Curtis and he is telling you the stories and recipes himself. It is written beautifully and in such a friendly tone that everybody enjoys reading it. Good food is basically life and you cannot live on contemporary food.

People have a strong desire for good food. There is so much that you can do when you know how to play with food. You can make different recipes using same ingredients and you enjoy cooking at all times. This book is written in love with so many recipes you can easily devour in seconds. To prepare the food quicker for a bigger group of people or in a restaurant, you can also cook with local catering equipment Sydney.

Anybody can easily fall in love with the recipes that are written in this book. It is such a great book with so many heartfelt stories including incredibly delicious recipes that you are bound to try. You are sure to enjoy these recipes while making them as much as you would enjoy reading them. These recipes are just everything a person wants to read along with some of the best-angled pictures which are sure to give you all the feels in the world.

Curtis Stone is a great chef and an amazing author who has written this beautiful book to give so many recipes that are delectable as well as so easy to make and shows how to cook the meat according to your taste by using the right meat mincer. You can have so much fun making these recipes come to life while simply going through all the steps. This book is a must read and you can enjoy every word of it.


The Charming ‘The Maddie Diaries: A Memoir’ by Maddie Ziegler

A Look Inside ‘The Maddie Diaries: A Memoir’

Maddie Ziegler charms us all with her unique rise to fame in ‘The Maddie Diaries: A Memoir.’ In the novel, she takes us through her early years of fame in Lifetime’s ‘Dance Moms’, to being a renowned figure in the wold of dance. From the young age of eight she began her path to success & won the hearts of fans nationwide, one episode at a time. Readers will be able to enjoy recollections of her time on the show. As well as fun behind the scenes stories that were not shown on TV. This role led her on the way to star in in music videos, movies and tour with some of the hottest in the industry; such as Naomi Watts & Sia. Which we get to learn more about in the novel too! Her time spent on the hit TV show ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ is also showcased in the memoir. Giving readers an inside look at her exciting time as a judge on the nationally watched series.

Questions and Answers

One unique aspect of The Maddie Diaries are the Q & A’s that are featured at the end of each chapter. In these sections, Maddie takes time to give back to her fans and answer the questions that they have been dying to ask for years! We get to learn about some of her Dance Moms co-stars and some fun adventures she’s had during her climb to stardom. She also made sure to share photos with us as we make our way through the story. From cute baby pictures, which allows her fans to connect to her on a personal level even more. Another cool feature of the memoir are the fun makeup tutorials that are included! Maddie takes time to not only walk us through her favourite looks, but also how to achieve them. As if those fun additions weren’t enough, we also learn that in her spare time Maddie is also a secret rapper! She boasts about knowing the words to all of Drake’s songs.

Maddie’s Challenging Time

Although majority of the novel is fun and witty, we are also introduced to some of the challenges that Maddie had to face growing up in the spotlight. In the Maddie Diaries, she shares how having such an intense schedule affected time spent with family and friends. We also learn about how she overcame failure after losing some of her first competitions, which sparked her motivation to work harder to rise to the top. Her experiences and recollections of them in the memoir provide great inspiration to all young girls to succeed and follow your dreams.

The Maddie Diaries: A Memoir, is a refreshing body of work that is told with honesty & humour. This quick read has been described by fans as “a perfect fun read for any teenager” and “cute and interesting.” It is widely recommended as a must read for all teenage girls & Dance Moms fans or simply for people who enjoy a drama night when reading. With an average rating of four stars on most major review sites, this New York Times Bestseller will not disappoint and is available in eBook, Audiobook and print!


David Airey’s Bestselling Logo Design Love Is Ideal For Websites


This is the second edition by David Airey. It delves deeper into the logo design industry by providing a wealth researched information from various industry players that include individuals who have created successful logos such as Microsoft and FedEx among other leading brands. The writer also supports the findings of his research by giving advice based on his personal experiences that are bound to give one a clear understanding of the industry and how it operates. The book provides a detailed do it yourself guide that will provide details from the inception of an idea to finally delivering it to a client. It will explain why one logo is better than others and how one can set their design to be unique from the rest. Logo design love will also illustrate how to transform a simple logo into a brand identity system by the consumers. The following steps are broken down and clearly explained to ensure that the reader can confidently and efficiently create a leading brand.

Creating an effective brief-The book clearly shows how one can come up with an effective brief as design brief is the lifeline of any project and one should ensure that they get it right the first time. A design brief ensures that all the expectations from the client are well understood. This is important to ensure that the designer will be able to deliver on a design that will meet the needs of the client and prevents a situation where one will have to redo a design. A design brief also identifies areas in which an individual might seek further clarification from the client. This ensures both the client and designer are on the same page.

Design with colours and creativity

Generating ideas-Logo design love provides details of a critical component of the design phase which is generating ideas. The ideas, in this case, may be based on the vision of the company or other items like their cooperate colours, on this topic, you can get some recommendation from Creato, a logo design company in Adelaide. It is however important that various ideas are based on the feedback that one got from the briefs as they help in keeping the ideas focused towards a specific direction. One can, therefore, come up with various alternatives and the pick the best option. The book will provide information on how to research on various ideas and refine the final one to ensure that is ready for publishing by the time it reaches the client.

Perfect guide for designer

Charging for work done-The payment is the best part of any work situation. The book illustrates how one can go about charging for the work done. It is important to note that design work is not charged on the quantity of the work done. The charges are based on the technical know-how. Logo design love is the perfect guide to charging for work done by designers as it provides insights from seasoned professionals thereby giving an individual a rough idea on the market rate of various design options.

Collaborating with clients-This is an important aspect of a designer’s work life. Collaborating with clients is a good way in which to ensure that the design meets their needs. As an example for CDA dance school, who was able to short brief their logo requirements and save time. This can be achieved by getting them involved at every stage to ensure that one will stay on course when the feedback is good or make changes when the client is not satisfied with the current progress.