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Becoming a Professional Life Coach by Diane S. Menendez And Patrick Williams

With the rising bar of stress and depression in the present world, people are more often to turn towards either life coaching courses or mediation. Though, these changes may do wonders to our lifestyle but, the cause of joining them is really disturbing.

With this, the scope and aura of a professional life coach have exaggerated a lot. And this further has uplifted the mania of reading incredibly knowledgeable books like ‘Becoming a Professional Life Coach’. This book has been written by two renowned authors- Diane S. Menendez and Patrick Williams.

Published in March 2015, this book has been proved to be a commendable inspiration for millions who always wanted to take the life coaching courses to another level of success and mental peace. Even after good 2 years of its publishing, people still are very fond of reading this masterpiece and which is why this book has been considered as one of the bestselling books that we have had.

Well enough said, let’s check out what ‘Becoming a Professional Life Coach’ has for you all.

This book puts a light over the apt use of language and body movements. A coach must excel in the art of influencing his/her students. Be it the fundamentals of leading life or coming up with inspirational instances, how a coach must handle every circumstance, this book can tell you everything about it.

In order to let you have a better idea about this book, here are the few contents that you may find inside the book. Take a look.

The book is segregated into different sections explaining different kinds of coaching which are must to undergo any life coaching course.

Section 1- Coaching Fundamentals

  1. Listening as a Coach
  2. The Language of Coach
  3. Coaching as a Developmental Change Process

Section 2- Beyond the Basics

  1. Empowering the Client
  2. Stretching the Client
  3. Creating Momentum with the Client

Section 3- Coaching from the Inside Out

  1. The Power of Purpose
  2. Design Your Life
  3. What Gets in Your Way?
  4. Steering Life by True North
  5. Walk the Talk
  6. Play Full Out
  7. How Wealthy Are You?
  8. Mind-Set is Causative
  9. Love is All We Need
About the Author-

Patrick Williams is the Founder of Institute for Life Coaching Training. Apart from this, he also served as a renowned Psychologist for good 25 years and then started his career as a professional life coach.

On the other hand, Diane S. Menendez is a master certified coach who leads numerous teams of life coaches and agencies from past 25 years. Her areas of expertise include- cultural changes, leadership development, and coaching guides.

The final word-

The book unravels the major aspects of becoming a professional life coach and how you can pursue your career in this profession. Right from the strategies to basic information that you must acquire, you’ll get to learn and read everything here. For newbies, it’s the best way to start and reap more information from one source. This book is completely worth to buy & read.

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