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David Airey’s Bestselling Logo Design Love Is Ideal For Websites


This is the second edition by David Airey. It delves deeper into the logo design industry by providing a wealth researched information from various industry players that include individuals who have created successful logos such as Microsoft and FedEx among other leading brands. The writer also supports the findings of his research by giving advice based on his personal experiences that are bound to give one a clear understanding of the industry and how it operates. The book provides a detailed do it yourself guide that will provide details from the inception of an idea to finally delivering it to a client. It will explain why one logo is better than others and how one can set their design to be unique from the rest. Logo design love will also illustrate how to transform a simple logo into a brand identity system by the consumers. The following steps are broken down and clearly explained to ensure that the reader can confidently and efficiently create a leading brand.

Creating an effective brief-The book clearly shows how one can come up with an effective brief as design brief is the lifeline of any project and one should ensure that they get it right the first time. A design brief ensures that all the expectations from the client are well understood. This is important to ensure that the designer will be able to deliver on a design that will meet the needs of the client and prevents a situation where one will have to redo a design. A design brief also identifies areas in which an individual might seek further clarification from the client. This ensures both the client and designer are on the same page.

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Generating ideas-Logo design love provides details of a critical component of the design phase which is generating ideas. The ideas, in this case, may be based on the vision of the company or other items like their cooperate colours, on this topic, you can get some recommendation from Creato, a logo design company in Adelaide. It is however important that various ideas are based on the feedback that one got from the briefs as they help in keeping the ideas focused towards a specific direction. One can, therefore, come up with various alternatives and the pick the best option. The book will provide information on how to research on various ideas and refine the final one to ensure that is ready for publishing by the time it reaches the client.

Perfect guide for designer

Charging for work done-The payment is the best part of any work situation. The book illustrates how one can go about charging for the work done. It is important to note that design work is not charged on the quantity of the work done. The charges are based on the technical know-how. Logo design love is the perfect guide to charging for work done by designers as it provides insights from seasoned professionals thereby giving an individual a rough idea on the market rate of various design options.

Collaborating with clients-This is an important aspect of a designer’s work life. Collaborating with clients is a good way in which to ensure that the design meets their needs. As an example for CDA dance school, who was able to short brief their logo requirements and save time. This can be achieved by getting them involved at every stage to ensure that one will stay on course when the feedback is good or make changes when the client is not satisfied with the current progress.