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‘Day Trading And Swing Trading The Currency Market’ by Kathy Lien

The online trading world has a lot to cater to all your money making desires but that can only be attained when platforms like Forex trading are used wisely. At present, to make good money and that too without investing much initially, Forex trading platform is perfect. The impact of this online trading network can be understood minutely through a world-widely renowned book ‘Day trading and swing trading the currency market.’

Gist of the book-

Written by Kathy Lien, this book unravels every nitty-gritty about the online trading strategies that actually work for you. Apart from this, you will even get to know, what’s the right time to start your trading career, how much money & time should be invested in it. All in all, this book is perfect if you are a newbie to online trading & wish to learn more and more about it in just one go.

Considered to be one of the highly recommended & bestselling books on online trading, Kathy Lien has impressively displayed a series of impressive & appropriate words which gives a better exposure of the trading world.

Contents of the book-

While reading this book, you’ll get to read about-

  1. Foreign Exchange- The Fastest Growing Market Of Our Time
  2. Historical Events in the FX Market
  3. What Moves The Currency Market in the Long Term?
  4. What Moves the Market in the Short Term?
  5. What are the Best Times To Trade for Individual Currency Pairs?
  6. What are Currency Correlations and How to Use Them?
  7. Seasonality- How it Applies to the FX Market?
  8. Trade parameters for Different Market Conditions.
  9. Technical Trading Strategies.
  10. Fundamental Trading Strategies.
  11. How to Trade Like a Hedge Fund Manager.
  12. Profiles and Unique Characteristics of Major Currency Pairs.

These all contents are must go through before you thinking of stepping into the Forex trading world. Right from a beginner’s guide to a professional’s smart moves, you’ll get to learn about everything through this knowledgeable masterpiece.

Now, let’s put some light on the creator of this value-for-money book.

Author- Kathy Lien

She is presently working as the Director of Currency Research at Global Forex Trading which ensures you apt details about the Forex market. Her duties are to analyze research and keep her hawk eye over the currency variations that vary every second.  Apart from this, she is responsible for writing up the fundamental research reports & profitable trading strategies which can be used in the nearby future to expand the market of Forex Trading. Till now, she has written commendable works for Activa Traders, SFO Magazines, Fox Business, Bloomberg and much more.


In order to understand the fundamental rights & strategies of online trading, this book is the right source of information & it’s easily available in the market. Kathy Lien (Writer of Day trading and swing trading the currency market) is widely known for her analysis & technical knowledge which is why this book is considered as one of her best masterpieces, especially for the trading professionals.

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