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‘Self Teaching Guide’ by Harry Kybett & Earl Boysen

Electrical circuits are something that is dangerous as well as beneficial for us. Though purchasing and installing any electronic product at our homes does not require technical knowledge but when it comes to manufacturing or rectifying the issues with electronic appliances, we must possess the right skill.

At present, electrical supplies business is doing pretty well because of the classy bandwagon of using swanky electrical appliances. With this, the scope of electronics education has reached a higher bar.

And to bring back the enthusiasm to understand electronics here’s a book named ‘All New Electronics – Self Teaching Guide’ by Harry Kybett & Earl Boysen.

About the book-

Originally, published on January 1st, 2008, this book has earned a lot of attention within few years of publication. Written and updated according to the latest norms and techniques of electronic circuits, this book has a lot to cater to all your technical craves. Right from a technical term in the usage of a particular electronic appliance, it has everything to learn from. The majorly discussed concepts of this book include- Ohm’s law and current flow, basic fundamentals of electronic & usage of electronic products, electronic experiments with detailed illustrations. In a layman’s language, this book is more of a DIY’s guide which lets you know steps to conduct the electronic circuit set up successfully.

The best thing about this book is a skill test where you’ll be asked few simple & complex questions to test your ability and understanding with the concept of the book. This test comes, once you complete the book.

In past 30 years, this has been considered as one of the best self-help books for the field of electronics which has ample information to let a newbie guide himself enough to start up his career successfully in the same stream.

This masterpiece book has a series of elaborated projects works on electronic appliances such as- function generator, breadboard, multimeter, bandpass filter, oscillator and much more.

The main contents of the book are-

Chapter 1– DC Review and Pre-Test 1

Chapter 2– The Diode 47

Chapter 3– Introduction to the Transistor 91

Chapter 4– The Transistor Switch 135

Chapter 5– AC Pre- Test and Review 187

Chapter 6– Filters 211

Chapter 7– Resonant Circuits 267

Chapter 8– Transistor Amplifiers 319

Chapter 9– Oscillators 385

Chapter 10– The Transformer 435

Chapter 11– Power Supply Circuits 455

Chapter 12– Conclusion and Final Self-Test 493

About Authors

A commendable collaboration of two veteran authors; Harry Kybett & Earl Boysen has resulted into ‘Self Teaching Guide’.

Harry Kybett

Late Harry Kybett started the book series of ‘Self Teaching Guide.’ He solely wrote and launched the 1st and 2nd edition of this book and then Earl Boysen associated with him to pen down the third edition. Harry was the Director of Engineering Operations at Columbia Pictures Corporation, where he built many studios and video systems.

Earl Boysen

An engineer who always has been passionate about writing, Earl Boysen now works on two different websites- and Before working with Harry, he has collaborated with other veteran personalities to pen down famous books like- Electronics Projects for Dummies, Nanotechnology for Dummies.


Understanding the concept of electrical circuits and other widely used technical terms is beneficial through this book. The instances are appropriately explained to give you a better overview of the electrical appliances handling.

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