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The Charming ‘The Maddie Diaries: A Memoir’ by Maddie Ziegler

A Look Inside ‘The Maddie Diaries: A Memoir’

Maddie Ziegler charms us all with her unique rise to fame in ‘The Maddie Diaries: A Memoir.’ In the novel, she takes us through her early years of fame in Lifetime’s ‘Dance Moms’, to being a renowned figure in the wold of dance. From the young age of eight she began her path to success & won the hearts of fans nationwide, one episode at a time. Readers will be able to enjoy recollections of her time on the show. As well as fun behind the scenes stories that were not shown on TV. This role led her on the way to star in in music videos, movies and tour with some of the hottest in the industry; such as Naomi Watts & Sia. Which we get to learn more about in the novel too! Her time spent on the hit TV show ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ is also showcased in the memoir. Giving readers an inside look at her exciting time as a judge on the nationally watched series.

Questions and Answers

One unique aspect of The Maddie Diaries are the Q & A’s that are featured at the end of each chapter. In these sections, Maddie takes time to give back to her fans and answer the questions that they have been dying to ask for years! We get to learn about some of her Dance Moms co-stars and some fun adventures she’s had during her climb to stardom. She also made sure to share photos with us as we make our way through the story. From cute baby pictures, which allows her fans to connect to her on a personal level even more. Another cool feature of the memoir are the fun makeup tutorials that are included! Maddie takes time to not only walk us through her favourite looks, but also how to achieve them. As if those fun additions weren’t enough, we also learn that in her spare time Maddie is also a secret rapper! She boasts about knowing the words to all of Drake’s songs.

Maddie’s Challenging Time

Although majority of the novel is fun and witty, we are also introduced to some of the challenges that Maddie had to face growing up in the spotlight. In the Maddie Diaries, she shares how having such an intense schedule affected time spent with family and friends. We also learn about how she overcame failure after losing some of her first competitions, which sparked her motivation to work harder to rise to the top. Her experiences and recollections of them in the memoir provide great inspiration to all young girls to succeed and follow your dreams.

The Maddie Diaries: A Memoir, is a refreshing body of work that is told with honesty & humour. This quick read has been described by fans as “a perfect fun read for any teenager” and “cute and interesting.” It is widely recommended as a must read for all teenage girls & Dance Moms fans or simply for people who enjoy a drama night when reading. With an average rating of four stars on most major review sites, this New York Times Bestseller will not disappoint and is available in eBook, Audiobook and print!