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Book Review- Flushed: How The Plumber Saved Civilization, a Book by W. Carter

Even in this digital epoch, books hold a cornerstone in our lives. Books have always been a source of true information-, no assumptions, no hype- just unique content. The books are our best pals, teachers, and parents-, laugh with us, guide us, and motivate us in every phase of our life, respectively.

Here, in this post we are going to review a book titled ‘Flushed: How the Plumber Saved Civilization,’ written by W. Carter:

This most selling book on the plumbing trade, throw light on the significance of people following the plumbing profession to our society. Agree or not, they are the warriors of our civilization, as they strive for the good health of human being and the environment, we live in.  In today’s global scenario, when the figure of industrial and residential pollution is attaining new highs, plumbers hold the key for proper sewer disposal to make earth a better place to live in.

What is Plumbing? 

The true art of plumbing means to make sure the energy and water, both are conserved, resulting in no discharge from the apartment, condo, or business space. The inputs and outputs should have schemed in such a way that the output waste is recycled efficiently and safely.

A Brief about the Author W. Carter Merbreier

Born on August 2nd, 1926, W. Carter Merbreier was a renowned personality in the American television industry. He was honoured as a former police chaplain for the Philadelphia Police Department, and Lutheran minister. Merbreier was the popular host of kids T.V. series named Captain Noah and His Magical Ark, launched in the year 1967, aired till the year 1994.After successfully hosting 3,600 episodes, after retirement, he went to Gladwyne, Pennsylvania, his home.

In the year 2001, he received the biggest honour from the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia as the person of the Year,’ before that he had also served as one of the members of the board of directors of this broadcasting unit. And, at the age of 86, 21 June 2011, he died after fighting a long battle with multiple illnesses.

The Unsung Heros of Our Society

Plumbers undoubtedly are the unsung heroes of the civilisation. Today, water-efficient plumbing is the need of the hour, thereby, plumbers, those are dedicated to their profession needs to be roped in for water sustainability measures.

Some time back, the EPA released a figure, which said if the American households switch to plumbing efficient products, then, 3 trillion gallons of water and $17 billion can be saved every year. While this number is, even more, higher for commercial facilities.

The sole objective of this book to emphasis the fort  of significance plumbers hold in our society, and why they should be consolidated by the state or central government before taking any measure towards a better environment.

Wrapping up, not everyone in the plumbing trade is best, therefore, if you are in search for a leaking shower repair gold coast, research well to hire the best flock in your town, in terms of pricing and services.

Book Review: Currency Trading And Intermarket Analysis by Ashraf Laïdi

Understanding the concept of currency change & exchange is one major necessity that every trader must possess. Without it, it’s hard to survive in the currency trading world for long. And to let people understand it thoroughly, Ashraf Laidi came up with his one of the remarkable works named as- ‘Currency Trading and Intermarket Analysis.’ This book came out in the market for commoners on November 13, 2008, & by then it has registered itself as the biggest hotshot of the Forex Trading Market.

Before we go ahead to read about the gist of this book, let’s get to know a bit about the Author- ‘Ashraf Laïdi’

About Author-

Having a commendable experience in Forex Market, Ashraf Laidi presently is working as the Head FX Strategist who is responsible for introducing profitable & result-orienting plans for the Forex currency exchange in CMC market. His other functions include- forecasting and analyzing the G-10 currency pairs and rise or fall in the international currency market. Apart from this, he was one name to take major decisions and change the trends of the Global Central Banks. Prior to joining CMC market, he uses to rectify and analyze the performances of FX portfolio at the United States, which is a major activity to be executed before initiating currency exchange trading. Other than trading, Ashraf Laidi has an expertise over website creation which is displayed very well through developing a website for traders and those individuals who love to surf more and more about the currency ups and downs. Lately, when he recognized the successful accomplishment of his website he decided to be the inventor of which is again a masterpiece of his talent.

What’s there in the book? 

Well, if you’re a keen lover of grasping more and more information about the trading world and how you can make the most out of it then this book is no lesser than a keeper for you. Ashraf has impressively penned every trading term, strategy, plans and even some useful tools which may lead you to a successful start in the FX market.

For an outsider, it’s hard to understand & know the inside story of the Forex market, but Ashraf has tried his best to reveal the unravel truths of this online trading world which may be hard to find anywhere else. He has written it on the basis of actual incidents and circumstances that may occur while working in this industry.

Contents of the book-

Chapter 1– Gold and the Dollar

Chapter 2– Oil Fundamentals In the Currency Market

Chapter 3– When the Dollar Was King (1999-2001)

Chapter 4– The Dollar Bear Awakens (2002-2007)

Chapter 5– Risk Appetite in the Markets

Chapter 6– Reading the Fed via Yield Curves, Equities, and Commodities

Chapter 7– U.S. Imbalances, FX Reserve Diversification and the U.S Dollar

Chapter 8– Commodities Supercycles and Currencies

Chapter 9– Selected Topics in Foreign Exchange

This book consists of different chapters. At first, you might feel it’s quite monotonous and lengthy to read the entire book but every page, information or term used in the book perfectly intensifies your passion for reading it more and more.